MistahTom:  Hello, is there anybody in here? Just knock if you can hear me
 UnwantedSunbeam:  Hello, my friend.....Hello
 MistahTom:  Hello?
 UnwantedSunbeam:  Missed the 1 year post gap
 UnwantedSunbeam:  I beleive China will be the same, no longer happy to work for pennies an hour. My only hope is the turn around happens before the skills have been lost in our own countries
 UnwantedSunbeam:  It will be similar to Ireland, once it was ready to do work very cheaply. Then with a bit of money, the people started to reject some jobs
 UnwantedSunbeam:  I don't think the Chinese problem will exist in a few decades
 UnwantedSunbeam:  Is a sustained peace ever possible? I feel there is a Matrix quote about the nirvana state that humans would not aceept that could be shoe horned in here
 UnwantedSunbeam:  do you think we need a disruptive force on Earth to keep the balance?
 willow:  the Crimea eh? wtf
 willow:  go post in me thread....
 willow:  damned harper has to go
 willow:  our system is a mess
 HalloweenWeed:  Not that I think Canadian politicians are much better...
 HalloweenWeed:  I worry that one day the US will become slaves for China, one way or another.
 HalloweenWeed:  They work as 'agents' legally for foreign countries. Bad.
 HalloweenWeed:  Our politicians just care about making money for theirselves and children. Sad.
 HalloweenWeed:  It seems our forefathers did not put in provisions in the constitution to keep us ethical and honorable.
 HalloweenWeed:  Nobody seems to care how much we owe to China, just keep on borrowing to have a great time...
 HalloweenWeed:  Yeah I am very worried about the state of the union (US)
 HalloweenWeed:  Congrats Willow
 willow:  rofl not much to sort out. the american political system doesnt exist in reality anymore....
 Woolymammoth:  aye
 UnwantedSunbeam:  When can I expect you to sort out this NSA snooping?
 UnwantedSunbeam:  Well done Willow.
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