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Rational Thought Vs. Irrational Beliefs Forum rules

Unread postby DarthRavanger » Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:11 pm

The Rational Thought vs. Irrational beliefs section serves as the main area for discussing competing ideologies, and their contested issues. These subjective topics include political, atheistic, and theistic content. There are a few rules you need to follow:

1. Topics may be about anything dealing with ideologies and the issues they fight over.

2. Topics about the mechanics of controversial theories like the Big Bang and Evolution should be in Science and tech. If you want to debate the theory, feel free to post it here, but if you’re trying to understand the theory, go to science and tech.

3. This is not solely a forum for debate. If you have questions about such things as theology, or atheism, or simply want to better understand another person’s position this is the place to post.

4. If you have your own unique ideological view of the world, feel free to share it. Just note that doing so will open said view to criticism.

5. If you have read a book, article, or watched a video that meets the topic requirements of this forum and you want to share it, feel free. If it does not meet the criteria spelled out in the first paragraph, or rules 1-4, then you should post it in one of the other sections of the forum that would fit the video, book, article, etc. Ask a mod if you are unsure where to post something.

6. Civil discourse is your friend. While you don’t have to respect your fellow forumers, vulgar insults and name-calling, such as calling people a “piece of shit,” may result in a warning.

7. Don’t use the [img] tags with disturbing images. We are not looking to vomit. Just use a link and give a warning about the image.
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