[BLOG]: Bloody queer idea ...

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[BLOG]: Bloody queer idea ...

Unread postby Azmodan Kijur » Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:19 pm

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Great Britain (Wales, England, Scotland) have decided to lift the ban on homosexual men donating blood! Now, as long as they haven't had totally gay sex in the last 365 days, then they are clear to make with the red stuff (Article).

What? Yes, I'm serious. 12 months between whoopie for gay men or it's a no-go on blood donations. Seems a little ... paranoid to me. Even more so to have a ban on all gay blood. Them damned UK ... wait, appears that Canada has an identical ban and has recently stated that it might go to the 1 year deferral like the UK (Article).

Hmmm .... well, that sucks. Let me level with you here. I am not a homosexual myself, but I have to say that, while such a change could be applauded, the fact remains that this appears to be a gross generalization of the sexual activities of homosexual males. Yes, yes, I am aware of the view that HIV is seen among certain quarters as a "homosexual" disease, despite the actual statistics on infections. But let's get a couple things straight here:

1. Blood is screened. They do that because people lie about their lives on a regular basis. Screen it or be sued.

2. HIV is not a homosexual disease. It is a STD. It transmits between males and females in whatever combination.

3. HIV is not the only STD. There are plenty and many are of a lower instance in the homosexual community. HIV is ultimately lethal, but that leaves a whole lot out.

4. Sexual activity is the determinant of potential infection. I will take a gay man in a monogamous relationship over a straight man that hooks up with a new piece of ass every night any day. It is all about how many penises / vaginas they are meeting, not whether they have a penis or a vagina themselves.

5. Blood is always in short supply. Why? Well, unlike what Kramer in Seinfeld would have you believe, there is no stockpiling blood. Blood is very, very short lived. Regular full blood lasts about 45 days. Platelets and Plasma lasts about 5 days. This is the reason that Blood Services are always calling out for donations. They are literally about a week from empty at all times.

6. Blood is blood. There is no difference between mine and yours, save our diets and overall health levels. If the man is clean, he's clean. That's all there is to it. Yes, you need to be cautious. Screen it for potential problems, but don't make like that is something you'd only do to "gay" blood. You do that to all blood, no exceptions. I don't care if it is from a Nun, test that shit. You never know.

Really, people? Are were still this backwards?
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