[BLOG]: Wifi's, rashes, and West Virginia

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[BLOG]: Wifi's, rashes, and West Virginia

Unread postby Azmodan Kijur » Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:54 pm

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Another blog post? Already? What does it mean?!

Means I’m opinionated and quite skeptical. At least, that’s what I think it means ... Anyway, caught this little post over at Discover Blogs. Apparently there is a zone in West Virginia used by various agencies to listen to the sky with enormous satellite dishes. In that area, the use of WiFi has been banned as it can cause interference in the data patterns being monitored by the dishes. So far, so good. Nothing to be skeptical of just yet ... except that the area is now attracting a large number of people eager to "escape" the WiFi networks almost everywhere else. I say "escape" because these people are convinced that the electromagnetic radiation from WiFi technology is making them sick.

Yes, seriously. And they are eager to go somewhere that does not have all that nasty, harmful radiation so that they can live in peace and harmony, etc.

If you are not laughing by now, then let me clue you into the joke here. And I'll do it in my typical brutally simple manner - Electromagnetic Sensitivity disorder is complete nonsense. There is no such thing, at all. I know, I shouldn't say that as if I am certain, but I am certain. It doesn't exist. Simple as that.

Nope. I am not saying that those suffering from it are not suffering. They have real symptoms that are measurable and treatable. What I am saying is that the condition that they are attributing the symptoms to is completely imaginary. They are mis-attributing an effect to a supposed cause that has no actual causal link between them. Their symptoms are headaches, rashes, general unwell or unbalanced feelings, strain when near sources of EM, and so forth. All of these symptoms are identical to those someone feels when they are stressed out. And like people that are under stress, therapy in the form of psychological therapy alleviates and eliminates the symptoms. Strange that, isn't it? Almost like they were in a stressful situation, like work, and were expressing the stress by attributing it to something at the job site (like the fluorescent lights). Very strange that.

Look at the whole issue logically and you'll get why I call it bunk. They say they are sensitive to radiation! Scary word, right? Not really - there are many types of radiation which can all be classified as ionizing or non-ionizing. Without a glut of technical jargon - ionizing is bad and non-ionizing is good. The EM spectrum is non-ionizing - meaning it is completely harmless. Further, the EM field surrounds us constantly. How constantly? Let me give a brief rundown here of sources of EM radiation. There's your computer and cell phone and your monitor and your electric toothbrush and your calculator and your stereo and your fridge and your stove ... any and all devices that use electricity in one way or another has an EM field. The field from these devices run the gamut of the spectrum, including the WiFi band (which is why we can sometimes get interference on our WiFi units at home - other devices are messing with the frequency). The wiring in your house is a source of heavy EM as are the utility poles outside. The ground you stand on is a source (the materials there) and the air itself has a slight charge. The Earth as a planet has a massive field (Van Allen Belt, for example). The Sun is an enormous EM emitter. It sends out piles of energy that penetrates us all on a constant basis and does so with many types of radiation to boot. People are a source of EM as you have a bio-electric system running inside you as are all animals a source. Plants are a source too.

Long story short, the condition is bunk as there is no way to completely remove yourself from the influence of EM fields. You're better off trying to avoid oxygen and continue breathing. The symptoms are real and people that suffer from the delusion that electronic devices make them sick need to grow up and see a therapist.
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