Future role in Libya

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Future role in Libya

Unread postby willow » Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:26 pm

There is a lot of discussion right now about what further role Canada and Nato should have in the reconstruction of Libya now that liberation has been declaired. The UN is terminating its sanctions for military action in Libya formally removing NATO authority to engage.

There is already open talk over the last month or so about how and if Canada and its NATO allies should be seeking preferential trade and redevelopment contracts in exchange for its service.

I think that we should fully engage in the rebuilding and reconstruction, but through structural systems not corperations. I think we should be providing troops on the groud through UN peacekeepers to engage in a disarmament program aimed at removing the heavy weapons (katayuska rockets on pickups, heavy cannons mounted on vehicles etc) and small arms from the population. Buy back programs perhaps. The provision of neutral security forces can maintain order in the face of interfactional conflicts that may arise, while international monitoring of elections can ensure transparancy in new government.

A role should be taken in the reconstruction of a formal army as well as police services to try and reduce corruption (usually an issue of poor pay)
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