My wasted Sunday Morning

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My wasted Sunday Morning

Unread postby UnwantedSunbeam » Sat Dec 17, 2011 1:07 am

Not so long ago I had to attend a local church service. The reasons for my attendance are not really of great importance, but I had to go. Free will was defying me that day.

I know not what flavour of the Christian god I was in the house of, but it was an intense version.

The very first thing that happened. Flags were brought in. To everyone outside Northern Ireland you need to know flags are divisive here. Flags here are like Klan costumes, or Bin Laden supporters shirts.

So I sit, ass numb, listening to the flock sing how jesus loves them. I stood for this, did not like the tune so I kept quite.

There was a series of people paraded onto a pulpit and they all delivered……….well words. The words seemed to rouse the masses, however I was less enthused.

Finally the guest speaker/preacher/minister arrives in the spotlight. The sheep clap, I fail to see why so I remain still. The sermon starts, the guy is a good speaker. There is lots of hang gesticulation to emphasis his points. The body language of a politician. To be honest I was listening more out of courtesy than interest up to this point.

Then I was caught unawares, blind-sided if you prefer.

The guy is talking about Romans and how they were not the biggest fan of gods sheep, and some lions and shit like that. When he made the most absurd statement I have ever heard.

I could not quote his exact words, but the summary was :

“The biggest threat to Christianity today is Intellectualism”

I was sure I had misheard, but almost like he read my mind (maybe god told him I was a doubter) he repeated the statement. Yep Intellectualism is the modern version of feeding Christians to the lions.

I was, and still am, dumb founded by this. His god, this entity that is ‘great/powerful/omnipresent’ is under threat from independent thought? Come on, I was at fever pitch, thinking why is there not beer in church so I can show this guy , with a hurled bottle, how wrong he is.

There is not beer, I did not hurl anything. However I was and still am amused by the fact that the guest preacher is concerned that free thought is a wicked weapon in the battle of good vs evil.

Fucking Idiots.
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