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What !!

Unread postby UnwantedSunbeam » Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:51 pm

I read this article and could not beleive that someone would try to off load their lack of common sense to another human being.

The full story is linked below but the head line is :

U.S. student who electrocuted his nipples sues teacher...for not warning him it was dangerous

Where does this class stop; I was not told it was bad to jump off the top of the building, no-one to me eating glass was bad?

Anyway if you want to laugh more at this idiot the full link is http://www.last.fm/forum/23/_/644932 or U.S. student who electrocuted his nipples sues teacher...for not warning him it was dangerous
An American student whose heart stopped after he deliberately electrocuted himself in a science class is suing his teacher for not warning him it was dangerous.

Kyle Dubois, 18, is also taking legal action against the school district and the city of Dover in New Hampshire.

Dubois and his parents claim teacher Thomas Kelley did not tell him and other students of the dangers of the demonstration power cords in their electrical trades class.

They are seeking compensation for medical expenses, lost income due to time away from work and other damages related to the incident, which occurred on March 11.

Dubois attached an electrical clamp to one nipple while another student attached another clamp to the other. A third student plugged in the cord.

Dubois was critically injured and his legal team claim he has suffered permanent brain damage.

He was initially taken to Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, where he was diagnosed as having an ‘out of hospital electrocution resulting in cardiac arrest, unresponsive state and respiratory failure,’ according to the lawsuit.

He was later taken to Massachusetts General Hospital where doctors drilled a hole in his skull in order to insert a probe to monitor the pressure on his brain.

Dubois left hospital on March 16.

The lawsuit alleges Mr Kelley knew what his students were doing and claims: ‘One student heard Mr Kelley state that Kyle should try it with his nipples and that he, Mr Kelley, would give him a Mountain Dew if he did so.’

Several students reportedly told police Mr Kelley was involved in the dare, but confusingly, Dubois has since defended his teacher and claimed it was a fellow student who challenged him and offered him the drink.

Mr Kelley resigned about a month after the incident and has declined to comment on the matter.

Police have filed no criminal charges in the investigation. The case is set to return to court on November 2.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldne ... z0yKARhzQA
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