The messiah has been a very naughty boy

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The messiah has been a very naughty boy

Unread postby UnwantedSunbeam » Wed Sep 19, 2012 7:28 pm

A series of articles have covered this already :

Ancient papyrus that 'proves Jesus was married' declared 'a forgery', 'unconvincing' and 'suspicious' by historical experts

The one above if from the UK Daily Mail. However it was intersting to me how quickly it was dismissed. Totally faked. Could not have happened. Becasue of all the tests that have been done on the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke.... I guess they have very precise reference points.

I would love to have it authenticated, whole sitcoms where jesus is getting a hard time for sitting on his ass writting parables and not making the beds, or brushing the floors.
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