Enduring Love

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Enduring Love

Unread postby willow » Thu Oct 22, 2009 5:11 pm

Enduring love by Ian McEwan
256 pages.

This is the 4th McEwan book I've read I think, and like most of his books it is excellent reading. The premise in this case is that Joe Rose and several others see a ballooning accident which they try to prevent, and the death of a man during said accident. Following the accident Joe starts being stalked by someone with de clerambault's syndrome (erotomania) who begins stalking him because hes in love with Joe and thouroughly convinced Joe is in love with him, sending him signals and secret messages beginning with a glance during the accident. The nut case is also a nondenominational christian who rants about god a fair but which annoys Joe and his scientific rationalism. It creates a cascading series of events which lead to among other things an attempted assassination, a suicide attempt, a collapsed marriage and near insanity.

http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/End ... op+Sellers
From the Editors wrote:Acclaimed Booker Prize-winning author Ian McEwan unleashes a brilliantly original and gripping novel about life and its ability to change in an instant. Enduring Love follows the story of one man when a bizarre chance encounter gives rise to a relentless obsession that drives him to the very brink of madness. This is a truly unforgettable novel that grips readers right until the end. McEwan won the prestigious Booker Prize for Amsterdam.
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