Benefits for Registered Users

Benefits for Registered Users

Unread postby dr210077 » Fri May 22, 2009 7:56 pm

Along with being able to take part in discussions, registered users also get to:

-chat live to others online via our chatbox,
-take part in serious debates with free-thinkers, believers and everyone in between,
-or informal chit-chat in "The Chill-out".
-view our videos on our youtube channel,
-and discuss and debate them here,
-use the private-messaging feature to speak to other users in private,
-upload you own avatar and signature line,
-use our unique smilies and text features :FSM: :/0:
-embed youtube videos, ForaTV videos, Google videos and BlipTV videos
-and change the style and layout of the board by going to the User Control Panel and selecting the Board Preferences tab.
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