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Forum Purpose and Rules

Unread postby Azmodan Kijur » Thu Feb 11, 2010 12:00 pm

Hello, fellow free thinkers. This section is all for you. A place to discuss various ideas and thoughts you might have with only the other atheists, humanists, agnostics and so forth on the site. This is for discussion on debate tactics, topics that affect free thinkers or the various bodies of such individuals. I do not expect that rules are terribly needed here per say, but I will give the few general ones that operate on the site.

1. We support, in all places on the site and in all forms, the freedom of all members to speak their minds in any form on any topic. For the sake of basic decorum, we humbly ask that Cthulhuian level horrors be left to the twisted minds that post and not displayed for all to see. It is not a demand as such, but people really want to keep their lunch in their bellies as they roam around, so call it a request. :)

2. Free speech means you are also allowed to speak your mind in any way you want, including colorful language and degrading commentary to other posters. Again, we ask for decorum from you and caution that such language may get you ignored by others. Overtly polemic statements (such as calling someone a hamster felching cum guzzling whore) will likely elicit a warning if directed at a member and free of any real purpose.

3. The only other thing we will issue warnings about or possibly edit posts for is language that conflicts with legal precedent - that is, you openly threaten someone with death, docs them or similar. We like to keep it, if not civil completely, at least somewhere that wars with words won't have any effect on your RL world.

4. Topics here should be limited to and directed at other free thinkers. Discussions of the philosophy of non-believers, news affecting atheists and agnostics, humanism debates, and such are to be conducted here. All this section does is kindly ask the theistic and others to read only and save commentary for the Rational Thought Vs. Irrational Belief section.

5. If you want debate to include all members of all perspectives in a thread, please use the other sections of the board.
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