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Johnny Rivers (Mod Rock/Blues)

Unread postby LilithLorelai » Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:57 am

(Hopefully the links work....)

I just saw this man at the Alameda County Fair....DAMN
He's a MUCH better blues singer than you would think...people were actually complaining that he was "not as good as he used to be" because he has gotten a very very slight grain to his voice now...(a my opinion) that makes his voice much better for blues. The onlt reservation that I had was that when he did "Midnight Special" he sang (verses in a different order) the same weird lyric that CCR did. ( I like CCR's version, but "..and the chlothes she wore.." an Apron IS chlothes...that is why the lyric ran "..and the DRESS she wore..." in the first place. But was a GREAT show...
The man is aging like Dick's weird/
Some clips...(couldn't find any of the show....)

And for all doubters....

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...And everyone was suprised?

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