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Science and Technology Forum Rules

Unread postby Azmodan Kijur » Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:27 pm

Welcome to the Science and Technology sub-forum of the RSS. This area is designated as the place to discuss, debate, inform, or argue about scientific and technological developments and issues. Any topic related to a field of science or some form of our technology is accepted here, be they from the ancient past or balanced on the razor's edge. Like the other sub-forums of the RSS, there are few rules on how a discussion may be carried out. But for the record, below are the guidelines for Science and Technology:

1. Any topic may be addressed about any science, even if it is brand new. An advance is an advance and great sport can be made of picking something strange apart.

2. The same can be said for technology - old devices or techniques are as fair game as advances in genetics.

3. While we do not demand respect from participants in a given argument, at least try to get on in a civil manner. There is no limit to the language you can use to address someone or some topic, but it is often easier to attract comments with honey than it is vinegar.

4. References are your friends. They are, again, not required, but are advisable, especially with highly technical topics.

5. Anything that seems ridiculously and blatantly harmful to the users of the Board may elicit a warning. We do not wish to disturb the waters of debate, but if someone posts an image of a medical procedure that is likely to induce vomiting, we will likely request that the post be edited to hide the image behind a link and warn that the content will re-introduce you to yesterdays dinner.

6. If you see something interesting on Youtube or the like, feel free to post about it and provide links. Try to put something in the thread to encourage viewing and discussion (statement of agreement or disagreement, question as to the content, etc).

7. Questions are welcomed on any scientific or technological matter that comes about. There are members here that are aware of or skilled in particular fields or grasp something that might seem baffling. I doubt anyone here would be against sharing their knowledge.

8. Debate is encouraged in all respects which is why there is absolutely no restriction on the specific science that can be discussed, even the ones that elicit the most heated arguments (looking at you, evolution). This is not a place to judge the posters intent behind a question or topic, it is a place to discuss it).

9. Try to keep the topics that are not about a given science or technology in the other sections. Don't need to clutter up this section with talk of potato chips or philosophy (except if it gets dragged into a science / technology discussion on its own).
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