Chimp Strength.

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Re: Chimp Strength.

Unread postby Intercourseman72 » Tue Mar 08, 2011 8:31 pm

Another thing to keep in mind regarding the difference in great ape strength is difference in limb length. Chimps and gorillas have much more leverage to overcome when exerting any amount of force onto any object. From what I can tell, humans survived by scavenging and running animals into exhaustion. We are pretty much the only species with copious amounts of sweat glands, nearly bald flesh, and comparatively enormous gluteus muscles. Also, I heard from some TED talk that our brains take up about 25% of our energy from calories. It's not such a detriment if our upper body strength is comparatively pathetic.

Arthur Jones certainly played around with this sort of thing, but I wonder if he ever accurately measured the strength of his own gorilla on the Nautilus machines while considering leverage, torque, etc.
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Re: Chimp Strength.

Unread postby Azmodan Kijur » Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:31 pm

Good point. I do like the knowledge that we hunted in many cases by running an animal into the ground. Pack hunting for the win, apparently. 25% is a pretty steep amount of calories for one little organ. Amazing that it needs that sort of power, but then, it is considered the reason that we are the dominate animal on this planet.
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