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Unread postby voodooKobra » Wed Jul 01, 2009 4:45 am

Kobra's Corner

Rather than post some vague description, here's an FAQ format thing that should explain everything you need to know:

What the hell is this?
Kobra's Corner is a place where I post my rants, editorials, commentary, and other stuff.

What kind of stuff?

Be more specific, jackass.
Okay. I occasionally write a multi-page rant about pop culture, the media, society, individuals, or anything else that annoys me at the time. These rants are the bastard lovechild of logical analysis and vehement anger. The term "rational outrage" fits well.

So what? How is this a free-thinking site?
It's simple: I post examples of human stupidity and demonstrate why they're stupid, usually earning a laugh or two in the process. Because you, the reader, are entertained, you are more inclined to continue reading until you have literally hundreds of examples of human stupidity ingrained deep within your mind. Slowly, you will learn to recognize stupidity for what it is. And once you can recognize stupidity, you can purge it from your own mind.

In short, it's an amusing way to teach people how basic critical thinking works. Critical thinking is crucial for becoming a freethinker. Ergo, my rant website doubles as a freethinker recruitment center. :P

I don't believe you.
I have only anecdotal evidence on my side. Take it or leave it.

Whatever. Why should I read it? OR Who is your target audience?
You should read it if you're bored or stupid. If you're bored, you'll hopefully get a good laugh out of it. If you're stupid, you'll hopefully learn to recognize informal fallacies.

My target audience is anyone who wants to read this kind of crap. I don't have a particular audience in mind when I write stuff, unless I specifically mention them in that paragraph. I'll say something like, "For all you conservative dipshits out there..." and continue for a few hundred words before I switch gears to something else.

I have found a flaw in one of your arguments!
Wonderful. Check the date first. If it's dated pre-2008, I don't care. (I only keep that crap posted so I can look back and say, "Wow, I've gotten a hell of a lot better over time.") Otherwise, pop me an email and it should make for an interesting discussion.

Is it true that ____?
I have an FAQ and a mailbag (think Letters to the Editor) on my website. If you're curious about me or the inner workings of Kobra's Corner, just ask and I'll update the appropriate category.

If I email you, will it get posted as hatemail?
Probably not. Even if it is hatemail. I get a lot of the same crap.

How bored were you when you posted this?
Kobra's Corner - Rants, Editorials, and Other Bullshit
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Re: Kobra's Corner

Unread postby TheBlueFalconX » Wed Jul 01, 2009 1:05 pm

Excellent you seem like a cool guy.

I really like the lay out of your website. It's what I hope to see this webstie look like someday.

I wouldn't mind the forum being the front page.
The layout...
Home | Archives | Search | Hate Mail | ....
is what I want to see here.
Maybe Home could be our blog, then next it could be Forum. I just have no knowledge of how to set that up. I wonder if DR does?

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